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El advergaming no es para mí

a moment in the game el advergaming no es para mi "El advergaming no es para mí" (Advergaming is not for me) is a game which parodies Spanish 60s flick "La ciudad no es para mí" (The city is not for me). The parallelisms between the movie and the game go beyond the selection of the title or the main protagonist. In "El advergaming no es para mí" our hero represents one of the few groups of people that are still out of reach for online marketers. For this collective, it is increasingly difficult to stay out of their influence, to the point that they must make a conscious effort in order to avoid them.End first phase of the game

The objective of the advergame is to entertain players during a couple of minutes, provoke some smiles and provide a respite from everyday tasks, whilst informing them that advergaming is, in reality, for everybody and therefore it must be, at least, considered when planning any communications campaigns.

If you want to play press "Insert Coin".

¡El advergaming no es para mí also in Facebook!

Enjoy your favourite advergame in Facebook. It is a much more difficult version than the regular, so getting to the end is not an easy task. Good luck!